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Bury Me My Love
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Bury me my Love tells the story of Syrianrefugee Nour and herhusbandMajd, as Nour 

undertakes a perilousjourney to safety in Europe.

Bury me, my Love is a Text Messaging Adventure game about Nour, a Syrian migrant trying to findherway to Europe. Her husbandMajd, whoremainsbehind in Syria, communicateswith Nour through a messaging app, advisingher as best he can sothatshereachesher destination safely.

“Bury me, my love” is a Syriangoodbye phrase thatroughlymeans, “Take care, don’teventhink about dyingbefore I do.” This phrase takes on a deepermeaning as Majdsaysit to hiswife, Nour, as sheundertakesherperilousjourney to reach Europe.

A co-production from ARTE, the European cultural network, with The Pixel Hunt and Figs.

***A game in an instant messaging app
As Majd, you can communicatewith Nour and follow herjourney, just as if youwerechattingwithher via WhatsApp. You willtexteachother and exchange emojis, pics and selfies, relevant links…

*** Multiple narrative routes to discover
By reading instant messages and choosingresponse options, players help Nour overcome the hardshipsshewillencounter.
Yourchoices in Bury me, my Love truly impact on the story, with Nour able to visit 50 different locations and reach 19 potentialdifferentendingswithwidely divergent outcomes.

*** Based on real-life events
Bury me, my Love is a “reality-inspiredgame”, a documented fiction thatdraws inspiration directlyfrom real-world events. The original idea stems from an article written by Le Monde journalist, Lucie Soullier, telling the story of Dana, a youngSyrianwomanwhofledher country and isnow living in Germany.

This experiencemay affect the sensitivity of younger people.

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